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V. A. - You Got Your Punk in My Garage - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 3 [2011]

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El tercer volumen de la serie fue lanzado en junio.
Ahora aprecen bandas como Los Protones, The Black Saxons, The Thanes, Mondo Topless, The Parents, The Last Drive, The Archers y The Bama Lamas, entre otros.

Así que recuerden visitar la página y hacerse miembros para que puedan descargar las 6 recopilaciones gratuitamente:

V. A.
You Got Your Punk in My Garage - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 3 [2011]

1. THE HYDEOUTS - Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead (Virginia Beach, VA USA)
2. THE BLACK SAXONS - Disconnect (Harrisburg, PA USA)
3. LOS PROTONES - El Verdugo (Lima, Peru)
4. THE BAMA LAMAS - Hungry Teenage Wolfman (Chicago, IL USA)
5. CHUCK VIOLENCE & HIS ONE MAN BAND - Just Because of You (Honolulu, HI USA)
6. THE THANES - Lazy Bones (Stonehaven, Scotland)
7. MONDO TOPLESS - Stay Away (Philadelphia, PA USA)
8. UNDERCOVER BONOBOS - Seeds (North Brunswick, NJ USA)
9. PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS - Vampire Sugar (Basingstoke, England)
10. THE SKEEBALLS - OverBored (Alden, IL USA)
11. MAKE-OVERS - Jungle Seizure (Kilner Park, South Africa)
12. THE PARENTS - British Swingers (Derby, England)
13. FLYING OVER - I Don't Wanna (Bordeaux, France)
14. SKIP JENSEN - Done Tried (Montreal, QC CAN)
15. THE OHM - She's Turned Out (Rochester, NY USA)
16. SHOUTING THOMAS & THE TORMENTS - Shakey Shake #7 (Cleveland, OH USA)
17. THE ARCHERS - Costa Rica Carnage (Gothenburg, Sweden)
18. THE PAST TENSE - Wolfman (London, England)
19. THE DARK RAGS - Drunken Angel (Athens, Greece)
20. THE CREEPING IVIES - Shake it Up (Dundee, Scotland)
21. MISSISSIPPI GROVER - The Living Bride (Ottawa, ON CAN)
22. THE LAST DRIVE - Pantherman (Athens, Greece)


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