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V. A. - Songs the Hideout Taught Us - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 2 [2011]

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El segundo recopilatorio de GaragePunk Hideout se lanzó en en mayo y sigue la misma temática: bandas de garage y rock & roll de todo el mundo que tengan una cuenta en la página.

Ahora podemos escuchar a bandas como The Ugly Beats, The Living Deadbeats, The Scrams, Mexican Moustache, The Beat Rats, The Magnificent Brotherhood y The Texrays, entre otros.

Así que recuerden visitar la página y hacerse miembros para que puedan descargar las 6 recopilaciones gratuitamente:

V. A.
Songs the Hideout Taught Us - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 2 [2011]

1. MEXICAN MOUSTACHE - Ready for Action (Valencia, Spain)
2. THE EXPERIMENTS - It's Friday Night and I Wanna Get Laid (San Diego, CA USA)
3. KERMIT'S FINGER - I Need Destruction (Boston, MA USA)
4. YOUTHBITCH - I Will Forget Your Name (Portland, OR USA)
5. THE LOVE ME NOTS - The Girl Lights Up (Phoenix, AZ USA)
6. THE BEAT RATS - Mine All Mine (New York, NY USA)
7. THE ANGRY BREED - Danger Ahead '66 (Stockholm, Sweden)
8. THE BRIMSTONES - FM Receiver (Edison, NJ USA)
9. CITY HUNTER - Hoove! (Rouen, France)
10. COKEROCKET - Burzum (Rome, Italy)
11. LONESOME GHOST - Haunted by God (Aylmer, ON CAN)
12. THE HEX DISPENSERS - Taxidermy Porno (Austin, TX USA)
13. THE HUSSY - Have a Say (Madison, WI USA)
14. THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD - Lifetime (Berlin, Germany)
15. THE UGLY BEATS - Harm's Way (Austin, TX USA)
16. NUMBSKULL ACTION - New Twist (Woking, England)
17. THE LIVING DEADBEATS - Time (Vancouver, BC CAN)
18. THE TEXREYS - Cave Girl (Austin, TX USA)
19. THE SCRAMS - Steve Sangre (Albuquerque, NM USA)
20. THE PROFESSOR AND HIS ONE MAN DIRTY RHYTHM AND BLUES EXPLOSION - Washing in the Blood (of Rock and Roll) (Basel, Switzerland)
21. NOX - Vulcan o' Faust (Sestu, Italy)
22. THE PORNOSTUNTMAN - Don't Let Me Down (feat. Cab Strangler) (Bern, Switzerland)


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