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V. A. - Swing This, Baby II [1999]

@ 320 kbps

Segundo volumen de esta saga dedicada al revival de swing.
Aparecen bandas no tan conocidas pero el nivel nunca disminuye. Justo lo que se necesita si se quiere sacudir un poco el esqueleto.

V. A.
Swing This, Baby II [1999]

01 Jump, Jive, and Shake - Dr. Zoot
02 Rocco's Joint - Vanguard Aces
03 Work That Skirt - Blue Plate Special
04 Spanish Fly - The Atomic Fireballs
05 Tossin' N Turnin' - Cigar Store Indians
06 Deal Me In - Acme Swing Company
07 Givin' Up Givin' Up - The Ray Gelato Giants
08 All I Really Want - The Camaros
09 Jump, Jive, an' Wail - The Crescent City Maulers
10 Perpetual Bachelor - The Jet Set Six
11 In The Groove - The New Morty Show
12 Jimmy Primo Livin' at Large - Three Cent Stomp
13 Perpetrator - Hipster Daddy-O And The Handgrenades
14 Jive Mr. Boogie - Mitch Woods and his Rockert 88's
15 Ring - The Dino Martinis

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